Technological Advances in Modern Casinos

Casinos have a long and rich history both in the United States as well as abroad. Millions of players have discovered the thrill and the excitement of casinos and simply can’t get enough. Now, with the advent of online casinos and new age technology that enables players to connect from wherever they can connect to the web, even more new players are joining the throngs of casino players. In terms of land based casinos, technology has also guided the direction of the game as well. With a long history, technology has shaped casinos to the games we know and love today.

From a technological point of view, most casino games today are based on ROM technology. This means that all of the sounds, the chip, and the graphics are controlled by a ROM-based chip that reads off of memory. ROM technology is still in use today and is popular, partly due to it security invulnerability. Security is a very important factor that casinos pay a lot of attention to due to the huge amounts of money that pass through casinos on a daily basis. Some of the downsides of ROM technology are that it is somewhat limited in speed, memory and graphics (normally up to 4-bit). Also, the programming for ROM technology is rather complicated, meaning that only experienced programmers were able to enhance and develop games. This meant that fewer rather than more people were working on game development at any given time. In 1997, a new technological breakthrough was found. A new system was developed that was Pentium-processor based and greatly enhanced the video and sound capabilities of the casino games. At the same time, ROM technology was also improved upon, further enabling better graphics and sound to be stored on its memory.

Of course a very important factor in any casino game is the chip that determines the math that controls the payouts. This technology must be advanced in order to ensure fairness to the player and also to be strong enough to resist attempts by cheaters to deceive or manipulate the machine. This chip, known as a Random Number Generator, is a highly complex chip that works on mathematical algorithms. Some other factors that have been improved upon in recent years are the ability to track past transactions. This is critical in case any dispute should arise between a player and the casino. The casino needs to be able to prove that their machine is, in fact, in working order. Additionally, in case of a power loss, the machine needs to store data automatically without and loss of information.

As the years go by, it is evident that technological advances have kept up the pace of development of casinos. It is thanks to this technology today that casinos are the popular hit that they are, and that players continue to discover the excitement that casinos offer, no matter where they might be.