Stop Minors from Playing in Online Casinos

A major argument or historical dispute for the online gambling as well as land based gambling industries has been the legal age to gamble. In some jurisdictions, the age is 21. In other jurisdictions it is age 18. But some law enforcement officials take the laws more seriously than others and the problem of enforcement or adhering to the laws has appeared throughout the world in recent years.

With more and more teens playing at online casinos and gambling now at land based casinos, some counselors and industry experts are calling for new rules and restrictions to regulate the number of minors gambling. Gambling is potentially addictive, these industry experts explain.

For example, take this news out of Australia. Recently, a gambling counselor says the South Australian Government should lift the legal gambling age to 21. Administrative Services Minister Michael Wright has announced plans to lift the age at which people can legally play lotteries from 16 to 18.

Counselor Robert Mittiga says it is a great move, but believes there is a strong case for the Government to be even more restrictive.

“I think a lot of 18-year-olds haven’t really been able to develop a good relationship with money,” he said. “Added to that the aggressive marketing, particularly the lotteries, which incidentally is owned by the Government, I think that they’re very vulnerable.” He says there has been a big increase in problem gambling amongst teenagers over the last five years. “We’re seeing younger and younger people in treatment,” he said. “We’ve had under-age people in treatment, and that’s not just with lotteries, it’s even with poker machines. So, my view of it is, let’s minimize the risk.”

Online casinos try to keep minors away from their websites with high security measurements, but this is not easy. Minors who have access to the bank account details of an adult are easily accepted at an online casino. This is why the biggest tasks lie at the parents of the minors. They will have to keep a better eye on them and prevent them from playing in online casinos.