Praise for Between Man and Beast :

"From the moment explorer Paul Du Chaillu had his first, fleeting glimpse of a gorilla, human understanding of this extraordinary animal began to change in a fundamental, irrevocable way. Reel tells Du Chaillu's story-a fascinating, wide-ranging tale that involves everyone from Charles Darwin to Thomas Huxley to even Abraham Lincoln-with a vividness that brings long-forgotten events to startling life."


"Reel has revived not only a lost world and a forgotten adventurer but a misunderstood monster. While dissecting the complex motives of the first foreigner to set eyes on a gorilla-at the time believed to be humanity's closest relative-Reel plunges us into the vicious controversy his discovery unleashes in the urban jungle of London in the age of Darwin and Huxley. In so doing, Reel has not only produced a page-turner filled with surprising details, connections, and insights, but he has also forged the missing link between the perennially contentious theory of evolution and our equally durable fascination with King Kong."

- JOHN VAILLANT, bestselling author of THE TIGER

"Between Man and Beast is a rip-snorting adventure story, shot through with intrigue and absorbing intellectual history. Reel is a wonderful writer, and he makes an expert guide to Paul Du Chaillu's groundbreaking travels in the wilds of Africa and his equally treacherous journey through the scientific salons of nineteenth-century London. By weaving Du Chaillu's pursuit of the gorilla with the debate over evolution, Reel has given us a true 'missing link' that connects exploration, science, and literature. Readers will embrace Du Chaillu and root for him every step of the way."

- MITCHELL ZUCKOFF, bestselling author of LOST IN SHANGRI-LA

"Part swashbuckling jungle story, part gaslit Victorian time capsule, Reel's visceral, captivating book restores a forgotten hero to his rightful place in history."


"Between Man and Beast contains all the elements of an enthralling adventure story. But it is more than just a riveting tale; it is also a brilliant exploration of ideas that illuminate the very nature of humankind."

- DAVID GRANN, bestselling author of The Lost City of Z